Flaming Dangerzone

Exploring C++11 and beyond

The C++ language is evolving. A bunch of new features were added to it in 2011, and some more are coming in 2014. Gradually, compilers are adding support for them. And programmers can now start exploring these features, learning both their power and their limitations.

In this series of articles I document what I learned in my own explorations of the language, both on my own and with the help of others.

Taming Unicode

Writing is a crucial part of almost all human cultures. The vast diversity in human cultures has lead to the use of numerous writing systems. Unicode is an attempt at making it possible for programmers to represent and handle text in all of those writing systems.

I got curious about Unicode around June 2012, after several discussions about the sad state of affairs in C++. I started by writing a simple set of encoders and decoders just for show, but got progressively more and more interested in the subject. Eventually I found myself writing what I now intend to turn into a serious library for handling Unicode.

This series of posts explains some of the motivations, problems, and design decisions involved in the development of ogonek, a Unicode library with a C++ feel.

Have Bicycle—Will Travel

I learned to ride a bicycle when I was more than twelve years old. Some years later I moved to the city and kind of forgot about my bicycle. Even more years later I moved to Berlin and—oh my, bicycles everywhere.

Eventually I acquired a bicycle to displace myself across Berlin and with that came a new-found liking for cycling.

And then I decided to experiment a bit with writing about my cycling expeditions.

Libraries documentation

I have written some C++ libraries that others might find useful. The documentation for those libraries can be found here.

  • ogonek » Unicode using C++ idioms [prerelease docs];
  • and more coming soon?

Other resources

Over time I produce other things worth of putting up here. These are some of those things.

  • 15 April 2014 » 文字化け slides
      the slides from my second talk for the C++ User Group Berlin
  • 19 November 2013 » Rule of Zero slides
      the slides from my first talk for the C++ User Group Berlin